1) Professional with strong foundational knowledge of principles of Ayurved, its role in health and skills for prevention, treatment and cure of diseases.

2) Clinician who applies Ayurved concepts and principles to diagnose and treat patients to attain healthful state.

3) Communicator with empathy towards patients, respect professional colleagues and members of healthcare system.

4) Researcher with aptitude to conduct research that creates high quality evidence to demonstrate benefits of Ayurved.

5) Professional behavior with colleagues and ethical practice in research and patient care and.

6) Leader, collaborator and member of healthcare teams including with transdisciplinary professionals.

7) Socially responsible, sensitive to societal problems, active in community service to improve care and benefit society.

8) Environmentally responsible attitude and supports sustainability practices.

9) Lifelong learner to achieve high quality in teaching, research and patient-care.

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