Yoga: Practice to Preach


The institution believes in the student’s Holistic development. The concept of wellness is what they are learners today and practitioners tomorrow need to understand the genesis of Aarogya should realize a proper physical and mental condition in their own life and then should deliver to society.

Yoga Shastra, the most vibrant & acknowledge segment in health science, is practiced for students to have the ability to sustain mental/societal pressures and gain physical health, especially stamina to serve long working hours.

The Context

The students first time entering our institute have undergone an unnatural lifestyle for about 3 to 4 years. Preparing for the 10+2 pattern as well as the entrance examination is a fact and they have faced it successfully. On this voyage, they were facing internal & external pressure to perform par excellence (maybe beyond capacity) and arrive at some destination. Most of the students have dreamed of MBBS and have landed at BAMS. This leads to a lower confidence level and a little bit of negation/depression that hampers performance in the BAMS program. At this juncture time, they need a support system that would take them to a life of professionalism. This practice has collaborated with JANARDAN SWAMI YOGABHYAS MANDAL, Nagpur, the Institute of more than 100 years of repute.

The Practice

  1. The yoga classes are conducted early morning inside the college campus. We provide them with a yoga mat, a natural green environment, and other necessary equipment.
  2. Students are given an introduction to this practice and are motivated for joining.
  3. Yoga session is conducted by a faculty member from the Swasthavritta department.
  4. Students are also facilitated for YOG PARICHAY COURSE in Institute regularly since 2021.
  5. Yoga classes are also conducted for patients on preventive aspects.
  6. This practice takes a celebrative look at “International Yoga Day” every year with great enthusiasm. Various competitions are conducted such as Poster making, Yogasan,Rangoli, student performances like Yoga- asana dance, and experts lecturers on research aspects of yoga.

Evidence of Success:

Swasthavritta department has recorded success stories & evidences, few are listed below :


  1. Yoga classes prove to be beneficial for the students.
  2. It has made them more disciplined and dedicated to the goals that they form in their lives.
  3. Students experience an internal calmness and feel more confident
  4. Daylong physical fitness is observed by participants.
  5. The parents have also expressed, positive record during PTA meeting
  6. Special appreciations from residential students of institute
  7. In collaboration with JANARDAN SWAMI YOGABHYAS MANDAL students are well trained through short term modules that supports them for reducing their stress, enhance memory, better concentration & increase immunity power


  1. Female  students had life style disorder such as PCOD, Obesity , Hypothyroidism  got resolved by doing yoga-asana regularly.
  2. We have observed increasing confidence level,enhancing concentration, improving memory, self-control, & time management.
  3.  Reduction in stress, anxiety, fear during University examination

Statistical info

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  1. Firstly, it was difficult to gather students for daily yoga practice in the morning. After knowing the importance of yoga, a good energetic response is observed.
  2. For localized students & yoga trainers, management provides transport services for attending a yoga class in the early morning.
  3. In covid pandemic situation, we were unable to take an offline yoga class that’s why we conducted yoga classes by online mode for students.

Statistical Information of Yog parichay

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