Title of the Practice: -

Health camps: reaching the unreached

To provide health services and promote health awareness in society. To reach the underprivileged community & sensitized them about health issues.

Objectives of the Practice

  1. To provide diagnostic services in society and increase the level of health factor awareness.
  2. To promote the concept of wellness, and balancing of lifestyle to enhance physical and mental health.
  3. To evaluate the living conditions and determine the obstacles and challenges to work on solving their problems.
  4. To blend students’ professional learning with real-life ethical learning.


The Context

Health camps are very important to promote health awareness in society. Most villages lack basic medical facilities either in terms of finances and more prominent practical affordability.  Most of them neglect & disregard the early symptoms of many diseases. A fallacy about treatment has also been a hurdle, especially in children.

Our Health camps provide short-term medical intervention for such communities by awareness to diagnostic, from thematic to general camp, creates space for everyone.

The organizing team carefully looks into these aspects and accordingly camp places and targeted societies are matched to have optimized outcomes. Places covered are schools, universities, prisons, orphanages, industrial areas, and old age care homes. Thematic health camps are being organized for specially targeted diseases like heart diseases, gynecological diseases, ophthalmology, epilepsy, and psychiatric disease.

The Practice

  1. VimladeviAyurvedic Medical College and Hospital organized camps in a well-planned manner. Public announcement regarding nature, venue, date, time, and facilities is circulated for public participation.
  2. Small teams are allocated different tasks such as transport, arrangement, registration, counseling & diagnostic, Report writing & support system.
  3. Each visitor to camp has to enroll and undergo a check-up.  The database generated through each camp is archived for analysis purposes.
  4.  In the case of an awareness camp, the interactive discussion is carried out and a Q&A session is promoted.
  5.  The institute provides facilities of the blood investigation for an overall checkup of the patient & free medicines to the patient and if any patient with severe disease is there then it is referred to our Hospital for further treatment.

Short description of a few camps

  1. To mark “AzadikaAmrutmahotsav” the institute organized camps in schools for a health check-up and awareness of hygiene for a healthy lifestyle. Almost 74 health camps were done in different schools.
  2.  General Health camp, awareness of medicinal plants, and Yoga awareness camp camps were organized in FES girls’ college, Chandrapur, Mohurli Rest house Tadoba, MaharshiVidyaMandir, Datala, and Sardar Patel MahavidyalayaChandrapur.
  3. General Health camp also organized by the institute in MatoshriVruddhshramBallarshah Road, Chandrapur and Gurudev Seva Mandal, Hinglaj,Bhavani Ward, Chandrapur.
  4.  BhavyaMadhumehaRognidan and AushadhopcharShibirin Datta Nagar Chandrapur and Wadgaon, Tadali, and Dhanora villages.
  5.  Awareness camp in schools giving guidance regarding various aspects of hand hygiene for example; the need for hand hygiene, proper indications of hand washing, hand scrub, and five moments of hand rub as recommended by WHO to the students.
  6.  Institute with the vision of providing Preventive support to the people of Chandrapur has now collaborated with Mahanagarpalika and has started with the “AdharDenariArogyaSeva 2023-2025” where the institute team does the overall checkup from ECG to blood investigation free of cost to the patient.
  7. Institute has also conducted a camp for the Police department of Chandrapur where nearly 1100 police officers were checked by our consultants’ team and paramedical staff. The data from their ECG and Blood reports have been shared with the police department. This activity has been planned for every year.

Evidence of Success -

  1.  The beneficiaries of general health camps from rural areas appreciated the event and expressed the requirement of organizing such camps in the future again.
  2. The students in the camp can get very well connected with old age problems during the conduction of Vrudhashram Camp.
  3.  The Principal and the teachers of the schools appreciated the institute for the awareness of hygiene and familiarity with the concept.
  4. Efforts of our institute towards detection, diagnosis, and cure have been appreciated by the Mahanagarpalika and the Police Department of Chandrapur.
  • Total No Camps : 120 plus
  • Total No patients : around 12000

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  1. Camp locations which were generally the PSC’s, Zila parishad schools, or gram panchayat offices, these places were not having the proper setup required for the camp. Organizing such arrangements rises overhead for the institute.
  2.  In order to have patients turned up, prior meetings with the Asha workers were organized to provide them with pamphlets and educate them about camp so that they could communicate, this needs extra work hours and even after these efforts turned up is not assured.
  3.  Work cycles of villagers are the major hurdle.


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