Kaumarbhritya – Bala Rog

Kumar means period of life from conception to the age of 16 years and Bhritya means servant. However this branch deals with prenatal and post natal baby care along with the care of the mother before conception and during pregnancy. Hence, in this branch, various diseases of children and mother along with their treatment is dealt. It also deals with the dos and the donts of a pregnant mother for healthy pregnancy and mainly preventive aspect with right diet and exercise for children as well as methods for improving immunity of children.

Department of Kaumarbhrityam (Paediatrics)

  • Deals with study and clinical diagnostic approach and treatment related to disease of children.
  • Study and planning of Child care management with comprehensive approach to grow a better child.
  • Clinical approach for Swarna Prashan for improvement of child healthcare and immunity of children.
  • Study of child care starting before birth up to age of sixteen.
  • Study and clinical application of diet chart for under and over weight children

List of Equipment

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Dr Nitin Bansode



Dr Nilesh Dhumne


Dr Kiran Nandeshwar


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