agad tantra

Agad Tantra & Vidhi Vaidyaka

Agad Tantra

The word gada means disease and the word agad means to get rid of disease. Agad also means specific preparations or antidotes for poisons. This branch deals with signs, symptoms and treatment of various poisons.

Sushrut refers this science by name Agad Tantra while Charak refers this science by the name Vishgara – vairodhika prashamana. Ashtang Sangrah and Ashtang Hriday refer this science by the name Danshtra Chikitsa.

Vyavhar Ayurved (Medical Jurisprudence)

This science was in utility even in ancient period from the period of King Chandragupt Maurya. Sudhrut has described the appearance of the dead bodies of the victims of drowning, strangulation, suffocation etc.

Vyavhar Ayurved (Medical Jurisprudence)

  • Study of characters and treatment of toxic substances of different sources.
  • Study of accidental death, suicides, poisoning etc. in connection with forensic medicines.
  • Study of various laws related to medical sciences and applications.
  • Collections of poisonous drugs in museum for study purpose.

List of Equipment

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Dr Pranita Wadodkar


Dr Yogesh Dahegaonkar


Dr Akhilesh Deshmukh


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